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Services & Treatment Options

Services and treatment options provided by Kinderdental.

At every appointment, a complete oral examination will be performed. In addition to visual inspection, we use additional techniques such as laser fluorescence to detect dental decay as early as possible. However, in certain situations, x-rays are the gold-standard in detecting dental decay and it may be impossible to gather all the required information without them.
The proper term for a ‘silver crown‘ is a stainless steel crown. There is no mercury contained in the metal crown. Stainless steel crowns are used when it is deemed that tooth will not be able to adequately support a white filling. This may be due to the reasons such as the extent of the decay, longevity (some restorations in baby teeth have to last up to 10 years) or defective enamel. A stainless steel crown can be a beautiful thing and many children love their new Princess or Transformer tooth!
The dental environment can be strange to many children with different sights, smells, taste, sounds and feelings. All children react to changing environments in different ways. Sometimes, a child may be trying the best they can, however may be anxious or nervous.

Nitrous oxide (happy gas) may be recommended to help some children overcome these feelings. Nitrous oxide has a proven safety record and in many situations can allow dental care to be delivered to children that may not be able to accept treatment without feeling like they are floating on a cloud. Most children love the sensation with nitrous oxide and treatment can be completed in a happy and pain-free way.

Where a child is unable to receive the necessary treatment in the dental chair, treatment under general anaesthesia (GA) may be recommended. Many issues influence the decision to perform dental treatment in hospital under GA and it is never suggested without due consideration. Treatment under GA may be necessary due to the cooperative ability of the child, extent and/or complexity of treatment needs or other biological reasons.
Amalgam is no longer a recommended material for use in paediatric dentistry. For many years, we have materials available to us that surpass the properties of dental amalgam. Kinderdental is a mercury-free practice.
This needs to be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Primary teeth (especially the back ones) act as guidance for the adult teeth to assist in them erupting in the proper direction and maintain the space for the permanent tooth to erupt in to. By removing the deciduous tooth, this guidance may be lost and the space can close. Space maintainers, as their name implies, can help to hold open the space so that the adult tooth can erupt into a proper position.

However, space maintainers are not required in many cases. A specialist assessment is recommended as there are many factors that influence this decision.

We appreciate your time and we always aim to keep on-time.  There may however be unpredictable delays such as the unplanned presentation of other children with urgent dental treatment needs (trauma or some infections). Where possible, you will be contacted if your child is not able to be seen at their scheduled appointment time.